Monday, January 28, 2008

Sustainability and Design

According to the Art Center College of Design, five billion people (representing 60 percent of the world’s population) will reside in cities within the next 20 years. Thus, design will play a crucial role in helping to anticipate and create the solutions which will enable these complex systems to function sustainably.

As a way to determine how design will affect the mobility of these people, and how sustainable the designs/methods of mobility will be, the Art Center College of Design has put together a series of summits with the intent of bringing together a diverse group of designers, engineers, urban planners, industry leaders, government officials and educators to determine how future designs will impact the sustainability of mobility within not only urban areas, but sub-urban areas as well.

As we set forth on the design of our first model, sustainability of that game changing design will be one of the guiding principles in all aspects of the design. We believe that it is necessary to change the way people move about, and to offer them an alternative mode of mobility that is very focused on function. Sustainable function in a wide range of environments, that is.

There will be much more on this issue to come, as I will be attending the Summit, so stay tuned for a review of the brainstorming sessions, and the presentations on how designers can impact functional mobility and the degree of sustainability in general, and how we at Local Motors plan to integrate what we find there into our designs.


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