Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Unique Interactive Experience

Today's discussions dealt not only with the customer experience, but also the level of interaction in the design process the designers that enter our design competition, and those veiwing the competition on our website will have...yet another unique way we will connect with people in addition to the unparalleled service we will provide to customers.

Every possible way we interact with people is driven by the desire to establish the type of passion that can only be derived from producing a unique automobile. The type of passion around which a community can develop. We're not here to build the next American Sedan. Not to say some people aren't passionate about their sedans, but when was the last time you saw a cruise night, rally, track day etc. of Toyota Camry's?

It is our hope that any interaction that people have with Local Motors whether it be just browsing our website, submitting designs for the contest, or purchasing a vehicle, that they all have a sense of being part of a special community.

Although the experience when driving the vehicle is the major part of that feeling, it isn't everything. However, Kate Walsh ("Addison" from Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice) makes a good case for just how important the driving experience lends to that feeling in a recent TV ad for Cadillac...I think that pretty much says it all in regards to how "it" should be, not to mention form truly following function.

In any event, we will be striving to create the opportunity for a sense of community through both vehicle performance and human interaction.


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