Friday, February 22, 2008

Mercedes Benz F 200 Imagination

The revolutionary technology used in the concept is just that. The styling however, is very uninspiring and I may go as far to say ugly.

According to, when introduced in 1996 the F 200 was meant to demonstrate "just how technical innovations could open up new avenues for the styling of future top-of-the-range cars."

In my opinion, what it did was begin the revolution in which we are trapped in ever so deeply. Albeit, some of the technology is welcomed, like the variable light distribution bi-xenon headlights. The "revolution" I'm referencing is the removal of the soul of vehicles - the purity of what it meant to get behind the wheel and just drive. No "forward-looking driving dynamics control," nor fancy electronics to control steering, breaking etc. to assist you. Certainly no voice recognition for your cell phone.

Just man, machine, and the open road (or open trail for that matter).

Our goal is to spark a revolution of our own - the return to automotive purity. We may add some technology where appropriate, or allow the customer to add it later, but we feel it's crucial for the core of the car to speak to that beauty in simplicity that once was.

Get in, start 'er up, and drive. Have fun. That simple.


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