Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

My valentine this year is a very special one; that I can say for certain.

Just who is she, you might be wondering?

Is she the cute, fun-loving "girl next door?" No.

Is she a young, sophisticated lady with drive for the finer things in life? Nope, not her either.

Is she a young, beautiful lady like Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio? No, although I could pull it off. Hey, if Patriots QB Tom Brady can date a Brazilian Victoria's Secret model, what's to say I can't?! I haven't won three Super Bowls, have tons of money, or have the position of one of the greatest players of all time, but I'm a decent-looking guy that knows how to treat a lady and I've got some things going for me (a man has to have dreams right?).

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra would be my pick over Gisele Bundchen anyway, despite the love one of my close friends has for her that is so intense he once said (jokingly of course) he'd "punch his mother for Gisele Bundchen."

Anyway, no young model, girl next door etc. Valentine this year. She's actually quite old to be honest. She has ties to me, several other people throughout recent history and the future, but most importantly, she can be linked to the great philosopher Plato himself - a connection easily verified in his Republic.

She is of course, none other than Necessity..."the mother of all invention." Sounds really geeky, doesn't it?!

Although I am in the early stages of seeing a few ladies, none has become the front runner, deserving of all my attention just yet.

Therefore, since I don't have one lady to celebrate this year, I thought about what it is that is deserving of such recognition and decided that I'd pay homage to the "lady" responsible for allowing me to earn a paycheck doing what it is I'm passionate about (working with a great team to develop game changing automobiles, especially when it proves all the naysayers and much "bigger" players in the game wrong), and still seek out my other passions with the same fervor. It's not easy to find this just anywhere (I've been looking for a LONG time), so I thought it fitting to pay my respects to just such a special "lady" on this Valentine's Day.

Ok, so why?

There are numerous necessities that have created this great opportunity I have at Local Motors, but most notably, the main necessity driving this invention of not just a new vehicle, but a whole new way of developing and manufacturing the next great American car company we have embarked on is to care for and respect yet another lady whom we all know and (should) love...

Mother Earth.


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