Monday, February 18, 2008

sQuba Anyone?

No, that isn't a spelling error. What I'm referencing isn't the traditional "scuba" but a new concept named "sQuba", the "world's first real submersible car," according to Rinspeed's website.

As you can see, it's based on the Lotus, so like the Tesla Roadster (although the Tesla makes a further departure from the original styling of the Lotus compared to the sQuba), it has unique, eye catching styling.

It's interesting to note that the car uses green technology and is a zero emission vehicle (it's power comes from rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries). Also, the lubricants used in the vehicle are biodegradable.

In the interest of sustainability, it incorporates "movable modules and components" to make use of existing technologies adapted for different applications.

Despite these characteristics, I don't know that it has the "I have to have it" factor. I'm not so sure most people need the ability to submerse their daily driver, although the idea is cool.

I'd be interested to know some performance characteristics of the car. Does it still perform like the Lotus? Based on styling alone, if I wanted something that looked like the Lotus, I'd simply buy the Lotus. If it still performs like the Lotus I'd still stick with the Lotus; adding the ability to go underwater isn't something that I feel is very useful in most environments.

In contrast, we will be trying to incorporate unique styling, more environmentally-friendly technologies in a sustainable design AND manufacture the vehicle into a package that has the "I have to have it" factor.


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