Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Do. They Don't.

Tonight on the way home, I stopped at a local car dealership where a friend needed to have some work done on his car. The trip would have been made much sooner, but he had to wait several weeks for the part (some window weather stripping) to arrive.

As we sat in the waiting room I began to wonder how we at Local Motors can avoid delays such as this once we have our first facility established. The first thing that came to mind was that the wait was most likely due to the fact that the large GM dealership simply can't stock every part for every car in the lineup at any given time.

There are two reasons that come to mind why this should be easily avoidable at Local Motors.

1) We may have several models in due time, but nowhere near the degree of larger auto manufacturers. Also, the designs will be simple, and many parts will be used on multiple platforms.

2) We (each Local Motors location) will be the dealer AND the manufacturing facility under one roof, so we should always have any and all parts in stock. If we don't, both service AND production could come to a halt.

Maybe this is a bold line to draw in the sand this early, but it makes sense and is a pretty simple concept. That sensible simplicity is just what will allow us to offer a game changing customer experience far unlike that achieved by any of the larger auto manufacturers.

Our philosophy on the ENTIRE customer experience at Local Motors can be summed up by a phrase on a poster in the dealership waiting room I saw:

If you can't read the fine print, it says that MOST 2007 Pontiac vehicles come with one free year of OnStar®. They could be doing so much more to improve the customer's experience.


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