Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3D Printer Training - Day One

If you went to bed early last night, you missed two major accomplishments from the team here at Local Motors!

The most critical step made was that the newly revised website went live after midnight, as referenced by one of our founders and CEO, Jay Rogers in his blog.

Secondly, the Vehicle Engineering team began day one of a two day 3D printer in-house training course. After an overview of the machine from Gary Wentworth of Great Eastern Technology, installing the print heads, filling the binder bottles and aligning the print heads, we were ready to begin printing all within a few hours!

After aligning the print head, we ran a test print to make sure the head was properly aligned and the color was correct - just like an inkjet printer at home, but we're printing on powder, not paper!

Once that was done and we loaded the printer software on the computer, we began printing a few parts just before 5 o'clock. Since the build time was estimated at about 6 hours, we let the printer work its magic overnight. I came in this morning to see that the print job completed, and now all we have to do is take the parts out of the powder remaining in the build bin...

Our parts are in the powder filling the build bin to the right.


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