Monday, April 7, 2008

Best of Both Sides - Part II

This is truly a unique experience for everyone involved.

Just when I was impressed with the ability of the entire LM team to think with both sides of their brains, today I was further impressed with our community members. Not only can our in house team think logically and creatively, but so can the designers and LM community members.

The innovation we are seeing in this community is not only in the process we are following and the body styles, but in the engineering underneath them. On several occasions, the ideas on design and engineering come from both sides of "the wall" interchangeably. Specifically, we received a question on an innovative suspension design that would impact the design of the car. The inspiration for the styling didn't stop there - it continued into the engineering - we love to see this!

This type of communication will lead to a more complete design where everything reinforces the original intent of the design.

Very inspiring; keep the ideas flowing everyone!


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