Friday, April 4, 2008

Best of Both Sides

Today at Local Motors was a mental workout for not only all "departments" to use big company terms, but for both left and right brain functions within them.

For example, the day started with a discussion of how to revise our flyer that will be soon distributed and how to quickly appeal to those passing them in the various design schools around the country and the world that our charter members will post them in. The discussion focused on how to appeal to both sides of the brain and appeal to both the creative (right) side, and the more logical (left) side.

What we came up with is an excellent balance of the two methods of thinking. The most interesting thing about it was that the entire team was thinking with both sides of the brain, which isn't necessarily easy for engineers, web architects, PR reps, CEO's etc.

Then we had a very productive conference call with a consultant regarding the federalization process, which was followed by some very regimented research on the testing and the regulations that had to be met - very taxing on the left side of the brain!

Also, a post was created on the Car Design News website for the LM Design Competition. What's interesting here (and reflects my previous statement of how we at Local Motors operate with both sides of our brains on a daily basis) is one of the comments from a forum member:

"Guys this is a good opportunity to gain recognition for the designs you put to paper and potentially see it on the roads.

I found it is also a prime opportunity to allow designers and engineers to view your work and offer their criticism, suggestions and help to further improve it, even if its a project which isn't linked directly to the competitions." Forum handle - djfearnley

There will be no "throwing [a design] over the wall," a well known propensity of a disconnect between design and engineering departments (there's that word again!!) at large corporations here at Local Motors, that's for sure!


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