Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cross Over Athletes

I'm not talking about the Bo Jackson's (football/baseball), the Deion Sanders' (football/baseball) or even the Michael Jordan's (basketball/baseball - although his skill in basketball FAR exceeded his talents in baseball) of the professional sports world, I'm talking about the likes of Joe Gibbs, Troy Aikman (Hall of Fame Racing), and Brad Daugherty - those that have gone from "ball and stick" sports to motor sports.

Bo Jackson - Courtesy of www.posters.com

You can now add Randy Moss to that list. Yes, Randy Moss.

Randy Moss - Courtesy farm3.static.flickr.com

Randy formed Moss Motorsports, which will compete in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Other than being a racing fan, Randy doesn't have much experience in the auto racing world, so it will be interesting to see how his competitiveness on the football field translates to the track.

As someone that played soccer, basketball and baseball all of his life, working on cars for much of it, in addition to going to school for an engineering degree and now working in the automotive field, this is always something that intrigues me. The two realms are so very different, so it's always interesting to me to see how people that make this shift make it a successful one. Can you do it based solely on your experience at a professional level even if it is a different sport? Or is the quote from Ernest Hemingway I once read have some truth to it?

"Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports...all others are just games."

Is winning at a high level a core competency, no matter what the field, court, or track? Not many people have pulled it off with great success.

One thing is for sure, I don't know that anyone will ever be as successful in making the shift (back and forth a couple times for that matter) as Joe Gibbs.

Although maybe Randy Moss has a shot at it if he can win every race, INCLUDING that last one of the season! Yes, I'm still a little upset by the Pats losing the Super Bowl! Such a shame for ANYONE to go that far and not get the job done.

Not to say that Randy Moss and others haven't closely examined their investments of time, money and skill to be sure the new "arena" they're entering is within their core competency, but I cannot say enough that this is something we will be constantly doing on our quest for the "perfect season".

We will get it done!


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