Saturday, April 12, 2008

Educational Series Update

A few updates about the Educational Series:

First, I neglected to site the relevance of the video in my last post, thinking that it was mainstream enough to be understood by all, but it seems that there is a slight generation gap between those that are in the know about the great "Mr. Wizard", Don Herbert. In his show, Mr. Wizard would conduct science experiments in his kitchen with one of the neighborhood kids. The theory behind some of the experiments was actually quite complex, but Mr. Wizard had a great way of turning what one thought to be complicated to very simple to understand, especially to young children since the show was mostly aired on Nickelodeon - at least for my generation (the show aired in the 50's and 60's, made a comeback in Canada in 1971, then aired on Nickelodeon - affectionately known as Nick to those of you growing up in the 80's and 90's)!

My favorite part - some of the cool explosions!!!

My reason for referencing Mr. Wizard of course was to create an interlude into what I hope to be a similar series of posts that take something that at the core can seem pretty complicated and break it down into something easier to digest in an effort to open the educational channel between the LM team and our community.

As for the name of said series, I'm still interested in your feedback on what it should be named. We now have a new utility on our website where you can post your comments about someone's profile right on the profile page at the left under the profile overview. Therefore, I invite you to post your comments on what we should name the series or just any general comments on my profile, the blog, or Local Motors in general.


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