Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today's docket centered around functionality and how to get the most of it out of our existing resources.

First, I put the finishing touches on a revised version of the LM logo. Instead of sending the file to a supplier to have the part made, then chromed (it's the size of a hood ornament or rear badge), I printed a couple samples on our 3D printer. Once finished, I'll still have to send them out for chroming, but I was able to utilize the printer's functionality to save the time and cost of having a sample outsourced.

On a deeper level, I was also able to use a new function the printer allows us - the ability to make fixtures to hold fragile parts...all with the single click of the mouse! Once the file was loaded into the printer software, all I had to do was select the fixture option and it printed a fixture and the part simultaneously. This makes removing the fragile part easier and I can also use it to hold the part when I send it to be chromed.

We also received our two roll-away tool chests today and have them in position, ready for work. What's functional about the tool chests is more than just their ability to hold tools. We purchased two rather than one roll-away and one top box so that we can use the tops as work surfaces, giving us portability, and better use of space.

Look for this use of functionality in the LM models we'll be building with the aforementioned tools and many more!


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