Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Geomagic Training - Day Two

The second day of training allowed us to take the general training we had in Day One and apply it to a specific application that we'd typically see at LM. Below are images of the scan of the Mustang rear axle we used in the scanner training and a more complete, cleaned up version of the Mustang rear end scan.

You can see that the center of the axle tubes on either side have been completed and that the center section has less voids (the area high lighted in green indicates a void in the data). You can scan the entire axle in, but this would take quite a bit of time to make sure that you've covered every portion of the part. Since the software can simply fill these voids, it is only necessary to get the key aspects of the components located in the scan and you can fill the voids in the Geomagic Software.

I will admit that this "clean up" process does take longer than we had anticipated. It also takes quite a bit of work to prepare the model to import into SolidWorks so you can mate other components, modify the part etc. We will need some more time with the software to traverse the learning curve to see just how much of the time it took us to perform what seemed would be simple operations was due to our inexperience. Overall, the package does save time however, particularly in an application such as this (especially the center section of the rear end) which would take several hours, possibly a couple days from scratch.

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