Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Instead of continuously finding fault in all that the large auto manufacturers do/don't do, I believe in giving credit when it's due even if it is to a direct competitor.

They have to get things right some of the time to stay in business, right?

I found such proof in an article about Moab Jeep Safari 2008 in In this article, the event the Mopar and the Mopar Underground Performance Team (I like that name - a creative, cooler sounding way to say Research and Development I think!) held in Moab this March was detailed. The event was held to put Mopar Performance parts to the most grueling tests and done so in some really cool customized off road Chrysler products, such as those seen below. Check out the article for a list of the vehicles used, including some normally pretty timid vehicles they tricked out!

This is really inspiring to see, so my hat goes off to the Mopar team for a job well done!

Expect to see this type of event and community involvement on a frequent basis from Local Motors.

This is the type of stuff Local Motors is all about, so watch out, Mopar!

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