Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scanner Training - Day Two

Once again, we had the scanning specialist, Rob from Paperless Parts in the shop for more training today. We continued to learn the scanning software, and also loaded the parts we scanned into the Geomagics software. Once in the Geomagics package, Rob was able to give us some basic training (more formal training is on the schedule in the near future) on how to manipulate the scanned images and get them ready to import into SolidWorks.

Rob helped us go from this...

To this...

...Saving us SEVERAL hours of CAD time to physically measure the part and enter it into SolidWorks.

One of the great things about working with Rob has been that he's truly a car guy, as evidenced by his Subaru WRX wagon that he rally crosses and from some stories of his experiences on road and off that he shared with us, which helps us a great deal because he's already thinking in ways we vehicle engineers at LM think, so often times he answers a question just as you're about to ask it. He's also familiar with the types of parts we will be working with, so he was able to give us some hints on how to scan certain parts that we will be scanning in the future.

Thanks to Rob and the crew at ZCorp, Paperless Parts and Great Eastern Technology for all of their top notch service up to this point! This equipment/training will allow us to accomplish a great deal of work with minimal effort and still allow us to produce great designs!


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