Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Coupe Has Been Reshaped

This is a great commercial! I saw it last night and just had to comment on it. I was pretty inspired especially since we just completed our first design competition and have announced are second, so we're getting closer to the design we'll build, and as a result, the clay model stage is nearing.

As I've mentioned, great design speaks to your innermost senses, a lot of times drawing on history. Your own or that of the world in general.

Since we as people are continually evolving, drawing upon our experiences to make changes/adjustments and acquiring certain tastes, we expect the same from our vehicles. This ad shows that pedigree of the BMW Coupe. Sure, they still offer the traditional 3-Series Coupe (and now the 6-Series, and revived the 1-Series), but classifying the X6 as a newly "reshaped" couple is very innovative, particularly in today's world of SUV's, SUT's, CUV's, SAV's...the list goes on. This is just one way that BMW has distinguised the X6 from the competition. Having seen it personally, and having read the performance reviews I think it's worthy of the Coupe classification. I love how the narration is simply that "The coupe has been reshaped." The models they show in the clip are all BMW coupes, but they don't mean just the BMW coupe has been reshaped, but the whole idea of what a coupe is in general is what has been reshaped. Love it!

Therefore, kudos to BMW for their inspiring innovation and bold positioning. Look for this type of highly inspired marketing and engineering from the LM team and our design community.

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Vaughan Ling said...

Love the commercial, awesome idea. Don't like the X6 much though...oversized coupe? oxymoron?