Friday, May 16, 2008

Goin Back to Cali

The Ferrari 250 California - one of the all time classic designs, revived in Maranello...

This is another example of a successful design and a revival of that due to its timeless styling and appeal to our innermost emotions and nostalgic feel. I say this not just because Ferrari has reinttroduced the design, but more because it is a design that has inspired so many others and even been directly copied by kit car manufacturers (or tried to anyway - Ferrari is VERY protective of their designs, and rightfully so). After all, duplication is the sincerest form of flattery.

Like the 250, the design that WAS inspired and has the capability TO inspire is what we are looking for. Comparisons will always be made; it's human nature. People want to feel a connection with their car and as a result, drawing some parallels with another vehicle, a certain place (physically or in time), or a certain emotion provides that. If a person can see himself in a car based on one of these things it can be the deciding factor in the success of how a design is received.

This explains the success of the PanTerra (designed by community member Filski), LM's first design competition winner; it invokes these elements in a wide range of people as witnessed by the comments on the entry page, the number of votes and the number of "I want it" votes it received. From Filski's renderings and profile pictures, you get a sense of the environment that the vehicle will be used in and who drives it. I hope this type of design continues with our next competition for the Miami Road Racer. Congratulations to Filski from everyone at LM!

Maybe someday people will by duplicating LM designs?

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