Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Great Webex demo from ICEM today. We had the chance to see the software in action and try a few things that would be directly applicable to what we'd use the software for, which couldn't have come at a better time since we have a trip planned in the near future to explore methods of constructing molds and bodies (more on that later). This demo along with what we learn on our trip to several shops on the west coast will help us decide how much of the process we will bring in house and how much we will contract out. The main issue here is to make sure that we are still very much in tune with the design process, rather than simply sending a design off to a supplier and allowing them to produce the molds and the bodies without our knowledge of every step they take to get from start to finish. That's not what we're in business to do. In fact, its the exact opposite.


If we do source some of the work from an outside contractor, it will have to be someone that we can work very closely with. Someone that understands our passion to build exciting cars and to be involved with every detail along the development process whether it be something we've done a thousand times in our professional experiences, or something that we've never done before and want to learn for the first time. This is the big caveat in deciding to add technology like ICEM to our core of software, or to outsource the work to someone that is more experienced with ICEM, or some other modeling software to get a Class A surface. Do we expend the time to learn the software while developing the body? Do we farm that work out (following the 80/20 rule) but still stay just as ingrained in the process working with the designer running the software, all the while contributing our knowledge and also learning some new techniques to get the job done, then integrate the technology and/or someone that already has an in-depth knowledge of how to run the software at a later date once we've met our prototyping time line?

To answer these questions, we have set up a second, more detailed Webex demo of ICEM and we will also learn a great deal on our trip to the west coast. Stay tuned...

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