Monday, May 12, 2008

Information Sharing - Part II

Late in the day Friday I received a great .STP file from Matt Haase at AM Equipment. I spoke with Matt mid last week (which is what prompted my first post on "Information Sharing") and just a couple of days later, he had taken the criteria I had given him and researched the system that would best suit our needs, and emailed me a working 3D file that I can open in SolidWorks and set the preliminary position of the wiper system. Once we have the windshield and body design Matt can then take my model and optimize the system for the correct amount of sweep (among other things). Am Equipment will also conduct the necessary testing for our future Federalization effort and test the system according to the FMVSS standards.

Therefore, this is one example specific to the LM prototyping process of how obtaining supplier information is more readily available and can be put into place early in the R&D process, which for us will be a great benefit. Now I can simultaneously load several components into the SolidWorks chassis assembly and position them so that they all work together in harmony. For example, saving the time of modeling the body to fit the chassis only to find that I have to change it to now accommodate the wiper system in a way I did not originally anticipate.

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