Thursday, May 8, 2008

Leave the Driving up to Us - Part II

I read an article today about a man who won a chance to have an Audi R8 at his disposal for two days. It's a perfect case in the point that I made last night - there are definitely people out there who still love to drive; and by drive, I mean in its purest sense. Remember that first day you got your license? I bet you went out with no real mission in mind and just drove around, just for the fun of it. That's what this guy did when handed the keys to the R8 (wouldn't we all!) and it seems that he does the same thing with his other cars, which are far less advanced and/or glamorous than the new supercar from Audi:

"I live to drive. It's one of the biggest pleasures I have," asserted Bud Moyers. "Tractors when I was a kid in Iowa, tanks in the Army, 18-wheelers, motorcycles, the big fire engines we call pavement queens--pretty much anything with wheels, I've driven it."

One statement Moyers made about the R8 also stuck with me:

"It's got the whole Audi thing. You think where you want to go, and it goes."

This got me thinking about not just how important it is to get what you expect from a vehicle, but also from the vehicle's supplier. As education about automotive knowledge and the LM vehicle specifically is a cornerstone of our business, so is the education of our customers about Local Motors as a company and what they can expect from us. So may times at previous employers I have seen problems arise when a customer experiences something they weren't expecting, and in the worst case, something that blind-sides them.

For example, when they order something that has several parts to it and they finally take shipment and certain key parts have been back ordered and the possibility of this was never mentioned in the several correspondences they had with the supplier. This type of problem spreads to all areas of the business and could have been easily avoided if on that very first visit or call to the company about their order the person speaking with them had mentioned it.

You train people how to treat you. Therefore, we will not only be educating our customers on what to expect from their car, but from LM as a business - then deliver on it.

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