Thursday, May 8, 2008

Leave the Driving up to Us

An excerpt from an article I read on my daily check of what's new in the automotive world:

"Real-world testing will begin this summer on a sophisticated active safety system that analyzes multiple collision threats and helps drivers avoid accidents. It is designed to assess the risk of swerving and hitting another vehicle versus braking hard when a frontal collision is imminent. The system will 'warn drivers when they are about to leave the roadway, are in danger of colliding with another vehicle while attempting a lane change or are at risk of colliding with the vehicle ahead."

How much further will things go before someone puts and end to this I have to ask myself?

What I'm referring to is the penchant to take more and more control out of the driver's hand in putting it in the "hands" of a computer. There is an alarming increase in the number of these types of systems becoming standard and even required. My concern is that with implementing these types of features, we will soon be purchasing "transporters" not cars.


It takes the driving out of driving. There's no real connection between man, machine and the open road anymore. This is simply more motivation to return to a more holistic experience when you turn the key. That is if cars still need people to turn them on, or do they just drive around on their own nowadays?

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