Saturday, May 3, 2008

Location, Location, Location

If you were starting your own business, when it came time to decide on location would you...

Open a tanning salon in South Beach Miami, FL?

Start a Scuba Diving equipment shop in the land-locked mid-western part of the United States?

Or how about an electric car company in Greenland (population density of 0.026 people/sq. km - the lowest on a list compiled from the United Nations World Populations Prospects Report)?

Just days ago Tesla opened their first dealership in Los Angeles at one of the city's most congested intersections.

"Close to the crawling 405 freeway and the congested corner of Santa Monica and Sepulveda boulevards, the Tesla factory store makes a potent statement for gridlocked Angelenos to buy an electric car."

This is an excellent move by Tesla. The rent is probably insanely high, but if you're going to get your message across and position yourself in the right location to sell the type of car they're producing, this would be the spot.

We will be taking a similar approach, but on a larger scale in that each vehicle will suit the location. We won't select the location based on design, but base the design on the location. This allows us to be successful in any area and have near infinite possibilities of location.

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custom trains said...

Our town, Davis, is trying and thinking it is embracing the Electric car, but it doesn't quite buy enough to keep its little dealership in business. A crowded intersection in LA looks much more like the ticket to get the phenomenon going.