Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Perfect Storm

Today's rain got me thinking.

Although I wouldn't call today's weather patter a "storm," today at LM was a Perfect Storm; a storm of progress.

If you've seen the movie or read the book The Perfect Storm (which details the story of a group of commercial fisherman from Gloucester, MA on the hunt for a big score and got caught up in "The Perfect Storm") you may remember that in one scene, a news cast is playing on TV and the meteorologist is explaining the conditions for a "perfect" storm to exist. It's when three separate fronts come together to create a powerful storm of a magnitude like no other.

That's how today was at LM - efforts from three separate "fronts" came together to create progress of great magnitude, which by themselves would be significant but when occurring at the same time the effect cannot be matched.

First, early this morning, the second design competition was launched, creating one of the highest amounts of traffic we've seen on the site to date. The engineering team hand formed the aluminum boxes for the charter member printed parts and packaged them for delivery. The third front took shape in the third installment of the investor newsletter, which Jay prepared for mailing.

It always dampens my spirits when I catch wind of a storm moving in. That is unless it's a "perfect" storm of progress. That's a storm I live for.

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