Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SolidWorks Routing Training - Day Two

Building on the concepts learned in day one of the SolidWorks Routing technology at R&D Technologies, I learned how to route pipes, tubing and flexible hose within a SolidWorks assembly.

As with the electrical portion of the routing feature, you can easily route pipes/tubes/hoses through the vast library of clips and add elbows, junctions, and end flanges, or create your own components to use in the routing function. One interesting feature is the ability to pick a start and end to the route, select the orthogonal path option and toggle to the route that most closely represents the route you want and make the necessary modifications, or none at all in some cases.

Over the course of the two day training, this capability has proven itself to be a great time saver and powerful way to design wiring harnesses, brake lines, fuel lines, coolant lines/hoses etc. with relative ease and high accuracy. We will definitely be using this in our prototype models, marketing material, and as an educational tool for our staff and customers alike.