Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sustainability and Design - Part III

Today I came across yet another case in the point of sustainable design drawing on human emotion and nostalgia.

As you will see in the article (Titled, "Heritage as Inspiration"), BMW M1 has been redesigned to mark the 30th anniversary of the legendary sports car.

To quote the article,

A particular forte of BMW Group Design is to draw on its own powerful history and actively feed this into the design of the future. The BMW M1 Homage is a design study in the tradition of a BMW Turbo that represents a contemporary take on the BMW M1 and the mid-engine concept. This tribute exhibits an EMOTIONAL design that showcases technology and integrates it into the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.

From the photos, you can clearly see that the new M1 Homage definitely draws from its roots, just as many of the designs we've seen in either our design competition or in the checkup portion of the design website have done.

Therefore, I see great things coming from the LM design community not only on this first design, but in the distant future! It will be interesting to see how the design on the 30th anniversary of LM will draw upon its roots!

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