Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dealer Experience

I found an article today from Dealer Magazine's website which details tips on how dealerships can improve dealership management and profitability. The author suggests three possible solutions:

"A change in perspective, a leadership shift in focus and most important, process management improvements."

The article then goes on to explain a few tips on how to do so. Although I've never worked at a dealership, all of them seem pretty obvious to me. Things that should be automatic.

Those things aside, I think the most important thing here is to provide that shift in perspective. I've always despised going anywhere where I'm being pressured into a sale. More often than not, it detracts from my desire to put down my hard earned cash, particularly when it comes to cars. To me, a car sells itself. If you want to buy car x, y, z, then you will do so based on what the car says, not the salesperson. Also, create a positive environment filled with people passionate about cars, not so much taking (not to be confused with making) money. The sales staff should be there to simply guide you on the purchase. For example, they should assess what you plan to use the vehicle for, and suggest for or against certain models or even options within models to fit your needs, not theirs.

It's this type of shift in perspective that we will provide in offering better vehicles and in offering a better total customer experience.

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