Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today marked a big milestone in the history of Local Motors.

It was a day in which the entire team deliberated on which design to build for the very first prototype. This included PR personnel, the web team, the designers, interns, owners, advisors and engineers. When you think about it, this in itself is a pretty amazing feat in the automotive world. Not to mention the fact that a significant portion of the discussion also involved input from outside sources from our community of designers. This is just another way we differentiate ourselves from the common auto manufacturer, and will continue to do so with every meeting like this when it comes time to decide the next ground breaking, game changing LM design.

I was glad to see that we are a team made of individuals that have the ability to think across the spectrum of design and engineering to make decisions that benefit the overall being of the company.

Congratulations to the LM team and to our designers!

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