Monday, July 7, 2008

Design Inspiration

Today, in a preliminary meeting of the design process for the first LM prototype, we decided that it's of utmost importance to stick to the design inspiration as we develop the design rather than arbitrarily saying, "Change this line to look like this," "Make the lights bigger," "Resize the radiator opening." etc. Often, the original design inspiration gets lost easily during the prototyping phase when engineering constraints enter the equation. This is an area in which we have chosen to differentiate ourselves from the large OEM's in order to deliver a game changing design, and methodology of building breathtaking cars.

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but we have our community of designers to thank for making our job a little easier by submitting great designs with a full background on their design inspiration. Also, thanks to the community, we are able to traverse the course of design together to maintain this intent and hit our engineering standards. This will allow us to deliver a vehicle that does what it looks like it should do. This is the difference between "playing" and "posing".

So what is the design inspiration for our first prototype?

That you will have to stay tuned for...

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