Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lines of Communication

Today was a day of more than just keeping the lines of communication open, but continuing to build working relationships with the people that will be critical in supplying us parts and services to build our first prototype.

In order to build on a newly formed connection, I payed a visit to a potential parts supplier that will provide us with many of the critical components we will use in the build up of our first prototype. The purpose was not only to put faces to names, but to establish accounts and terms of service - two things that I feel are very important to accomplish via face to face negotiation whenever possible. This shows a high level of commitment, and appreciation for the work done by those you're dealing with - very important, particularly in the infancy of a partnership.

I also made contact - with our designer Ben Messmer's assistance - with a potential contractor that can assist us in brining our design development to the next level and ready it for production.

There will be much more to come on who these people are and how/what they will supply us.

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