Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Systemic Approach

Audi AG announced a forward thinking change in traffic infrastructure today, representative of the systemic approach to changing the problems we currently have with the way we get around. This type of change is the core of sustainability of transportation within urban areas and is already in place in several European cities in several different forms. It deals with the system as the focus, not the products we use to get around.

The way in which Audi's "Travolution Team" has made such a systemic change is to develop a system that informs drivers through the infotainment system what speed they should travel to drive through intersections without having to stop. To accomplish this, the vehicle is tied into a network of traffic lights with communication modules.


If this were the medical field this would be akin to the holistic practice of health care versus more traditional, commonplace methods where the focus is on both prevention and wellness (body, mind, and spirit) through correcting core imbalances by treating with the contributing factors in mind. There is no "quick fix" in this method. The core imbalance in transportation lies within the traffic infrastructure, while the make-up of the automobile is one of the contributing factors.

We at LM are not out to change the traffic infrastructure as Audi has, but our angle of approach to making a systemic change is the way in which one of the contributing factors to our woes - the automobile itself - is produced. We are examining the vehicle as an entity with many factors that contribute to its overall "wellness". While other manufacturers are looking at just the power plant (these would be the are of medicine that treats a problem with the "quick fix" and not looking into what contributed the ailment) as the smoking gun, we're taking the holistic approach and looking at the equivalent features to a humans body, mind, and emotions - the body (mainly its shape), the power plant, and the materials/processes which make up the core of the vehicle.

Look for more of these systemic, holistic solutions as the need to revamp the way we travel continues to becomes more dire in the very near future.

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