Friday, August 1, 2008


Over the last few days we have had many in depth discussions on our first design. These discussions have included the body design, chassis engineering, occupant packaging and several other topics. After working well into the night (the morning actually) the other night with Jay and Dave a thought occurred to me as I was driving home.

No matter how much we're discussing the physical deliverable of this prototyping phase, the conversation always has an underlying common aspect. That is of course that the physical product we will develop isn't the only deliverable from this process. We must also develop a new way of manufacturing that product that differentiates us from all other auto manufacturers.

The thought I had wasn't just this, but that I wonder if these discussions - debates if you will at times - will continue with every new product we develop. The process may be the same (or near the same) vehicle to vehicle, but I hope that the discussions continue to carry the same weight as they do now and everyone puts in their thoughts and efforts like there is no chance for failure and everything is riding on that one design.

I think this is something that USED to happen with the existing auto manufacturers, but they lost it somewhere along the way.

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