Friday, August 29, 2008

If You Build It, They Will Follow

As Chrysler prepares to sell the Viper brand, it seems that Viper enthusiasts are sticking with their beloved snake in hopes that its pedigree remains untainted due to a sale. This is the type of following we can only hope to have at LM for all of our models.

I've read the article and perused some of the forums and the enthusiasm is very encouraging, so I thought I'd share it with those that may already be die hard LM fans, and for those that soon may become devout followers of our brand.


I don't think people would be too up in arms to see a mini van model or most sedans vanish from production lines, but with cars that are inspired and offer the customer something that they can't get anywhere else, they will stop at nothing to protect the designs they love so much.

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