Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Last Mile

As I've discussed previously, the "last mile" issue in transportation has become more and more of an issue with the rise of gas prices, and population of urban areas. Therefore, several devices have surfaced. Few have the market presence of the Segway, despite its lingering image of being less than cool let's say, as depicted in an article Ari forwarded to me today from Popular Mechanics. To name just one of the others, the Toyota "Winglet" has also garnered some serious attention in the press/on the internet in its own right, and does offer a viable solution to the "last mile" issue, but I think being hands free will be even more of a barrier than cool looks, which I think it has over the Segway in some aspects.

Having said that, as both of these machines become more visible (more people purchase them in an effort to adapt to the issues we now face and will continue to face for the foreseeable future) I think these initial perceptions will die off. Also, having used the Segway myself on a recent visit to their headquarters, and as the article points out, it is a ton of fun to ride. It's REALLY fast and very intuitive to use too. I especially like the off road version, particularly for those future customers of ours that may be taking the Rally Fighter off road and may want to conduct some further off road exploration into places that the Rally Fighter won't fit. Or, for those that use it in everyday use, when they park the Rally Fighter, they'd like to get from the parking lot to their destination quickly! Therefore, thoughts of integrating one into the vehicle as I mentioned in a previous post have re-entered my mind so I pose the question, how much would having an integrated X2 Segway in the Rally Fighter influence your purchase decision?

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