Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News from the Vegas to Reno Race

Here's an article about the Rod Hall Team HUMMER, and their sweep of the production class in the Vegas to Reno "Best in the Desert" race we attended late last week.

As the article states, the race can be an arduous task, especially when one of your wheels gets ripped clean off, never mind when things go "smoothly" (the track is nothing but!). This explains why on every truck we saw, teams go as far as carrying not only two spare wheels/tires, but also spare suspension parts like control arms - the terrain can be that rough. You'd think that if you had to go that far to make a repair, that you'd be out of the race and have to pack it in...not so, as Team HUMMER demonstrated in their run for the sweep of the production class.

Courtesy: www.motorcities.com

This is a class that we looked at very closely, not just the all out Trophy Truck class. Analyzing the trucks in each class gave us an idea of the most extreme build and one of the "simpler" builds, which required stock suspension. The production class is one that we could possibly compete in, so it's good to see that stock parts can handle this terrain, since some of the parts we will use as "stock" could very well be improvements over what your typical stock suspension would be comprised of.

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