Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Out of the Dark

So the announcement has been made...the Rally Fighter it is!

Now that we have determined which vehicle we will proceed with, one of the first things we have to concern ourselves with is the occupant packaging. This will drive not only the interior design (the details of which will come much later), but the roof line, the location of the chassis components, drive line, ingress/egress etc. all of which have an immense impact on the vehicle design. One way to ensure that we leave enough room for the passenger, chassis, drive line etc. is to create an orthographic drawing - which I've mentioned in a previous post - and include in that drawing a model of a human, usually a male that fits the 95th percentile of most males to ensure that we will be able to package the vast majority (95% as the term suggests) of our target audience.

Designing anything to meet 100% of all possible scenarios is not only very time consuming and very costly, but referred to by the term "over-engineering". This is something that all engineers and designers consider no matter what it is they are designing. Just about any product you can think of is designed with this principle in mind. Now, of course if someone outside of the range can still use your product despite not being able to do so quite as well as someone in the 95% range, that is obviously an added bonus. This is always tough with automobiles compared to say tooth brushes or razors, particularly in the area of occupant leg room and head room.

We'll be aiming to meet this 95th percentile mark, and do so allowing the passenger the most comfort possible, although if we can't fit someone like Shaq in the car it would be a shame, as you can see below.

How do you feel about a Rally Fighter with a sunroof? Hmmm....

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