Friday, September 12, 2008

Latest Scan Data - Prototype Engine

Here's a glimpse into one of the things we've been working on for the Rally Fighter:

In a few short hours using the Z800 scanner from ZCorp, we had the entire engine along with the exhaust manifolds, air boxes, turbo, intercooler and radiator hoses, and engine covers scanned into the computer. In order to make the scanning process move along faster, and still have the critical data (the extents of the engine, engine mounts, flywheel, and mating flange for the transmission) necessary to mate other components to the engine and package the suspension, chassis etc. around the engine, we masked off the inner portions of the engine. Normally, to reach these inner areas of the engine, some of the components would have to be removed from the engine to expose the area to the scanner, then you'd have to either scan the parts separately and mate them to the main engine scan in the computer, or put them back on the engine and continue scanning. Since we are not concerned with most of this geometry, it was faster to mask them off, while still maintaining the critical data for our needs.

We can now mate the transmission to the engine and insert them into the forthcoming chassis, and package the rest of the components around them. Having the components that the geometry of which cannot change allows us to mate those parts that have negotiable geometry around them for the most rigid, safe, and easy to produce components packaged in the most space efficient manner.

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kewlrats said...

Is it a white light scanner? Very impressive!