Monday, September 22, 2008

The Rally Fighter, Only Smaller!

If you've been following along with the build process on the LM Website, you will know that our team has been working hard to coordinate the milling of a 1/4 scale model between our designers on the West Coast and our team here at Home Base in Wareham.

We finally have the model in our grasp (well at least Ben and Dale do out in California) and we've put the wheels we printed in the wheel wells for a more accurate analysis.

Instead of having he model shipped to us right away, we've decided to leave the model with our designers initially so they can accurately assess the lines and make all of the necessary changes for our next iteration, of which we will also have a model made. When the designers are happy with the adjustments of the first model, final review will be in the hands of the team back here on the East Coast. Then, the changes the design team made will be paired with the suggestions of our team here and applied to the digital model for the second model.

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