Thursday, September 18, 2008

SolidWorks User Conference

For the first time since joining the LM team, I had the experience of walking into an industry event and having someone I had never met before recognize the Local Motors name on my shirt and immediately fire away with questions on our progress. Several people actually. From my vast experience of traveling to shows, races and exhibitions with Factory Five Racing, the best part of this is always the enthusiasm that shines through in people's faces when they are faced with the chance to speak with a member of the team. And when they find out that you're a member of the engineering team, the excitement can often increase exponentially when they realize they can have all of their technical questions answered and gain some insight into what's next.

The event I'm speaking of is the North Eastern SolidWorks User Conference. A good deal of this attention was due to some of our suppliers, JMR Systems (the Value Added Reseller for RapidForm) and Paperless Parts (VAR for the ZCorp Scanner and Z510 Printer), namely Jim and Jane Greene (JMR Systems)/Maarten Houben (RapidForm), and Jason Bassi and Rob Masek of Paperless Parts spreading the word of how we've integrated their systems to develop our first prototype. To date, the working relationship with each of these suppliers has been a good one and their products have helped us produce prototype parts quickly and effectively allowing us to maintain our goals of time, budget and scope during the development process as many of my previous posts have shown.

In speaking with both teams today, and after they had a chance to see how successful we've been in using their products and how the reps from other companies in attendance could relate to our story, I was privy to other technologies they're currently developing that may help us not only in the realm of prototyping, but production.

Stay tuned for more news from the field as these types of events and newly established engineering networks are solidified.

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