Friday, September 5, 2008

Yet Another Engine Alternative - EcoMotor

I did some reading today on yet another new engine alternative on the rise. The engine is from a company name EcoMotors. This engine could quite possibly be a great fit for the LM business model since it is configurable according to an article on,

"According to EcoMotors, it can be adapted to use any combustion system, including compression ignition and spark ignition, and can be operated on a wide variety of fuels."

and it offers superior efficiency at over 130 hp/liter.

The engine is also reported to be easily configured into multiple sizes by assembling them like LEGO's, a report from Business Week says, using the base two cylinder configuration to creat 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. This is where the benefit to LM could be realized. We could use the 6 or 8 cylinder engine for a vehicle like our Rally Fighter - a larger, high performance vehicle, or use the 4 cylinder engine for a smaller, economy car. For this reason, the engineering team will keep a close eye on this power plant as a solid option in the event we decide to change the current system, and/or for future vehicles.