Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Model

Here's a look at the latest creation from the 3D printer...

It's another wheel/tire that we will use with one of our scale models, but the difference from the original wheel and tire combo we first made is that this model is a bigger rim (20" vs. 17") and lower profile tire. We'll use the new wheel/tire combination to assess the feasibility of the Rally Fighter at a much lower stance than the off-road configuration. These images are of the wheels fresh out of the printer, so not to worry, once the final prep work has been done, the true color of the wheels (Aluminum) and the tire will come out and will help the models to really pop when you see them, which could actually be in person if you plan on attending the meetings our team has set up on the west coast as referenced in Ari's Blog!

Not to worry if you can't make it - we'll be sure to post plenty of pictures of the new clay model with the wheels in place so we can gather your all important feedback on the latest iteration of the mighty Rally Fighter, so stay dialed in!

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