Monday, October 20, 2008

No Alternative?

An article on today discusses the notion that as oil prices have temporarily declined, and although they may spike back up somewhat, if they remain low on the whole, the sense of urgency to develop alternative power sources and implement them into new autos also declines.

Some say that this is a dangerous mindset to adopt for long term auto manufacturing since "designing and ramping up production of a new car takes five years," according to a Toyota Prius designer.

Enter Local Motors...

Instead of looking at just the power plant as the source of ending dependence on oil, we're considering better use of petroleum based power in our early goings concentrating on perfecting weight balance, materials usage etc. to stretch the efficiency of current technology. This will allow us to get a jump-start on that "five year" time line as we will keep in mind that using an alternative power source is possible for the future. Therefore, when the need for that switch becomes more urgent, we can implement one into an existing platform, significantly reducing time to production of new vehicles.

We can also cut down that five year schedule he mentions like it's an industry standard and there's no way around by re-writing the book on how cars are made. When paired with what's in the car, we will have great success in offering an alternative vehicle, and doing so quickly between the staff at LM and our community of designers.

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