Wednesday, October 29, 2008

THIS is Passion!

Today, Ari forwarded me a link about a very interesting build which I think is the pinnacle of passion and dedication.

The post covers the story of a man who decided to build his own Lamborghini Countach replica in his basement after seeing one in Cannonball Run. If you read the article, it mentions several times how when the car was done, it was "dragged out of the subterranean depths" or "extracted" from his basement. In reading the article, I thought this simply meant that the car had never seen the day of light over the 10 year build period, so they chose their words accordingly to hype the act of the car finally being finished. After finishing the article and looking at the pictures, I noticed that I read too far into it and they meant exactly what they said - the car was literally dragged from the basement after knocking down a section of the house's foundation! All along, I was thinking there was a garage door and a driveway leading up to the basement, but apparently not. I'm pretty passionate about cars (some more than others) and when it came time to build a replica of my favorite, I don't thing the thought of building a car in the basement knowing i'd have to tear a hole in my foundation once it was done and drag the car out would ever enter my mind as reasonable.

All the more reason to believe that maybe if there was a build program for the Lamborghini Countach somewhere near his home he may have been able to finish his dream with the same result, but faster and without the headache of worrying that the house would come crashing down on all of his hard work as it was dragged from the basement! This type of passion and dedication to an automotive dream is always inspiring...Go Local!

Love this quote, as it captures the essence of what any person feels when they've been inspired to do the unthinkable, and have their dream come to fruition:

"Actually getting the car out of the basement was pretty straight forward to be honest. I built a skid to put the car on — a trailer without wheels you might say. The rig is basically an angle iron frame designed to make it down into the basement to which I added 4 swivel casters to move the car to the opposite wall. We used an excavator to dig a ramp and then cut the block of the foundation out. We pushed the car to the opening, hooked it up to the excavator and pulled it out. Simple. I was like an expectant father watching it come through the wall. I was literally shaking and running the supposed plan over and over in my head. 'Have I overlooked anything? Is some of the wall going to fall on my work of seventeen years?...' The blankets I covered it with surely wouldn't stop that from happening, but I worried nonetheless, an it was in the end, worry for nothing. It went as smooth as something like this could. The neighbors started gathering around as it emerged, waiting for me to remove the blankets. It was like a artist unwrapping his masterpiece. I had never seen it in the light of day either. As the last blanket and car cover were removed I knew at that moment I had accomplished what I had dreamed about so many years ago and to see it sitting there in front of me was surreal. The whole process took two and a half hours and there it was, my Lamborghini safely in the garage. The next day we filled the hole in the basement with new block in no time it was good as new."


Unknown said...

I saw this article. Very cool and his dedication and attention to detail is remarkable.

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