Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Build Program

Today we had a great discussion about the LM Build Program.

Although I understand their importance in keeping the team updated on progress, discussing strategy etc., historically the engineer in me prefers to keep meetings to a minimum since they take me away from doing what I was brought here to do - physically creating the first LM prototype.

However, today's meeting and those like them that we frequently have in these early stages are always exciting and worthwhile to achieving the goals of the team. This is especially true in the case of the meeting today because the topic of discussion involved the structure of the build program and how we engineers will interact with the team members running the build program and of course the customers and their feedback from the build program to help us build a better vehicle and a better experience for the customer.

In the meeting we were able to bring together the key players in the development of the program, discuss the goals of the program and how to achieve them and set a go-forward plan. It's in meetings like this that I'm always reminded of how this ability to quickly identify the roadblocks to successful implementation of our business plan and make the necessary adaptations will be key to building great vehicles - something the larger corporations are no longer capable of due to the inherent bureaucracy that has left them gasping for air recently.