Monday, December 15, 2008

Plan B - Engine Selection

Here's the latest on the search for alternate engines as post on the Rally Fighter "Vehicle Build" section of the LM website as posted by Dave:

With any good business you do your best to ensure that you have a back up plan particularly for anything deemed critically necessary to operate. You back up computer data, sometimes you store physical prototypes or even separate parts of the business even as far apart as being in different parts of the world. Who knows what may occur...wars, fires, etc.?

Basically, you should protect your business. In the case of motors, Local Motors will not produce them, yet it is clearly a critical part of the vehicle. So what if supply is limited, costs drastically jump, or something much more efficient comes along? We want to have the ability to change motors, and change quickly, so we need a back up, and we need to reduce what physically would need to be re-engineered to do it. Therefore we need to do our best to anticipate and engineer around what they may be.

The photos here show some of the potential motors that we want to be able to fit into the Rally Fighter Chassis without major modification. From top to bottom, not in any particular choice order Ford Duratec 35, Cadillac 2.9L Diesel, BMW 3.0L Diesel, Cadillac 4.5L Diesel, Mercedes 3.0L Diesel.

Cadillac 2.9L Diesel

See the links above for Dave's further comments on some of our thoughts and potential choices.

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