Monday, December 8, 2008

Sounds Nice, But....

....will the promises become reality?

The promises I speak of are those of GM, and how they plan to turn things around with the Bailout money. In a post I read today, they also apologize for letting the people of the United States down with lackluster design and less than stellar quality. Any self respecting car aficionado, or even someone who doesn't necessarily have a passion for cars, but an eye for detail could have said these issues have been allowed to continue for years beyond their welcome. I'm still amazed at how things have come to this state, when it seems obvious to me and many people like me that the US automakers have been going about business all wrong for far too long. To people like us, it seems so easy to design and engineer a car that people want, and do it so that it doesn't only look good, but it's manufactured to be reliable and perform well in its class.

But as Jay mentioned in a previous blog post, maybe the Big Three haven't been listening to their devout followers all this time, whether it came from their dealer networks or their internet networks - the user forums.

I don't know if it's possible the "old dogs" in Detroit to learn the new tricks (delivering game changing vehicles that people want to buy and delivering unparalleled customer service of those vehicles) that companies like LM consider to be job #1.

Time will tell.

Here is a sample of the GM list of promises:

• producing automobiles you want to buy and are excited to own
• leading the reinvention of the automobile based on promising new technology
• focusing on our core brands to consistently deliver on their promises
• streamlining our dealer network to ensure the best sales and service
• ensuring sacrifices are shared by all GM stakeholders
• meeting appropriate standards for executive pay and corporate governance
• working with our unions to quickly realize competitive wages and benefits
• reducing U.S. dependence on imported oil
• protecting our environment
• paying you back the entire loan with appropriate oversight and returns

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