Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting Ready to Drop the Hammer...

...and hit the brake too, although I'd much prefer to be on the gas!

Dave and I have been super busy in the development of the Rally Fighter, particularly on the necessary CAD work required to get both the chassis and the body to a stage where we can begin tooling development. While Dave has been focusing most of his efforts on the suspension (more on that to come) I've been continuing with scanning and drawing various components that we will be integrating into the chassis and body development.

One of the first steps towards tooling for both the chassis and the body (more so the body in this case) is to set the H Point (the Hip Point of the driver). Before determining the final H Point a lot of things have to be considered: head room, visibility, how the driver will be affected in a crash at certain positions, driver position relative to the steering wheel, driver comfort, and Heel Point.

In relation to the latter two, it was necessary for us to determine where the pedals will be located, so I had to draw them and then put them in the model along with the 95% male model already placed in the model. The final positioning not only relies on the relationship with the driver, but with the firewall, the engine, and the flooring. It has a great deal of influence on how each of these is placed, so each of these things has to be carefully weighed before determining the final location for the pedals. Below you will see the images of the pedals (the final positioning and discussion on how that determination was made is soon to follow).

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