Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pedal Update

As promised in a previous post, we are placing the accelerator and brake pedals in the Rally Fighter to determine their location in regards to driver comfort, spacing around the engine, relationship to the floor design as well as that of the firewall and possibility of integration to the mounting brackets for the steering column.

As mentioned in said post, this work is being done in the digital realm by reverse engineering the pedals and placing them in the 3D vehicle model. However, one thing that you simply don't get (even when you've placed a 95% male model into the driver's seat) is "feel" for pedal location.

This is where testing/mockup needs to be done in the physical sense. Of course, this will be supported by the initial data in the computer model, but the final determination will be based on a gut check on how the pedals actually feel based on the computer models. Therefore, we are in the process of creating a fixture that will allow us to place the pedals in our mockup and adjust as necessary, then update the 3D model. Some of the bracketry, tubing etc. may even be directly integrated into the chassis design if we like the relationship between the driver location, the pedal position and the placement of the steering column.

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