Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

...and more decisions!

Today was a "Judgement Day" of sorts here at LM in terms of the Rally Fighter. More specifically, a day of decisions regarding the body engineering of the Rally Fighter. After much research on components like tail lights, head lights and numerous other components affecting the body tooling we will have to source for production of the Rally Fighter, feedback from the community and some very passionate discussion, we have made some critical decisions on which direction we are going to head.

In some cases this does not mean that we've chosen the exact components necessarily, but a style and method of integration. Once we've sourced these components and are able to supply renderings, drawings, part specs etc, we will be sure to post them on the Vehicle Build page, so stay tuned for updates as this is the time when things really begin to take off and the car becomes more and more of a reality.

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