Thursday, February 5, 2009

H Point Fixture - Pedals and Brake Booster Added

Here's the latest update from the shop. The Benz pedals and Brake Booster have been added to the assembly with a small section of aluminum in place as a temporary floorboard.

The steering column brackets are on a pivot to allow adjustment of the column assembly as a whole until we can determine the best location/pitch (note the 3/4" square tube pointing to the top of the picture and held in place with a clamp and the large bolt on the lower right-hand side of the column bracket). We will use this adjustment to move the entire column assembly, and at each different location we will also use the built in tilt feature the column has to check its range. This will allow us to accommodate a range of driving positions and ability to move the column for ingress/egress.


HUNTBOT said...

great progression, looks like the rest of the interior is going to start taking shape pretty soon

Mike Pisani said...

Thanks! Things are moving right along, and we're going to continue to add parts to the fixture as we develop other areas of the cockpit like the roll cage, seat belts, seat mounting, flooring etc., so stay tuned for updates.