Monday, March 9, 2009

New Combustion Technology from Fiat

Not just for diesels, Fiat has a new technology to improve emissions, fuel economy, and both power and torque output. They're calling this technology MultiAir.

It's been interesting to see not only new diesel technology sprout in recent years, but the development of systems like this that can be used for improved efficiency, power, emissions etc. of combustion engines in general. Other systems would include the use of onboard Hydrogen generation and a whole host of other systems. We will continue to monitor not only new diesel technology, but systems like this that could be used on existing engine platforms for increased efficiency.

Here's a quote from a recent article about the MultiAir system,

"In short, an engine equipped with Fiat MultiAir technology is more powerful, more responsive across the entire engine speed range, uses considerably less fuel, and reduces all types of exhaust emissions by a substantial amount. It will also assist in enabling Fiat to maintain its lead in low emissions and low fuel consumption technology, which has seen Fiat crowned for the past two years as the number one car maker for the lowest range-wide CO2 emissions."

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